Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Darkened Cloud

This is the project that Ben and I (and a couple others) made for the Oregon state competition.
(High school - Oregon Game Project Challenge)

Splash pages for Darkened Cloud
A level map

Although what is left of our game looks a little messy, Ben and I put a ton of work into this and are very proud of how far we got as we work as a team.

For project we did a good amount of research about pollution, as the topic for the contest was about conserving water. In the game, the main character is a underdog clean water droplet. You can fight by shooting bubbles and punching. The bad guys are the polluted water guys. You are to infiltrate into their base and find proof that they are contaminating the "water confederates" ... while not being caught. Contained a number of puzzles to complete in the game.

We made the game in game maker. A game making program. Ben and the others were in the class learning about game maker and were going to do the programing. I started with just doing the art, until the load got too much for us.

Still in the end we made it to the state competition in Salem, OR.

(Original description below)

"The Darkened cloud is an epic adventure of a water warrior traveling to the earth. With tensions rising between water confederates and the Smognonion Empire, Ichigo finds that the Smognonions have been infiltrating the government. After being trained by his old friend general falcon, Ichigo learns the basics of water combat and is ready to jump from the clouds to prove that the water confederates are in grave danger. With an enemy that is more deadly than any this world has ever faced, it will take courage, valor, and the training of the legendary water saver, General Falcon. Ichigo a hero, who finds the strength to carry on and cast his, fears aside as you have to keep him alive. So when you feel like hope is gone, look inside of him who’s strong and remember the move that Falcon showed to you. The finally of this game will be an intense battle where the warriors on both sides are gathered from the four corners of the earth and all will end either in darkness and a world of pollution or a world filled with life and light. An epic battle will conclude this story with legendary proportions and will demonstrate how harmful pollution causes on the world and its inhabitants."

As you can tell we have fun with the project.

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