Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Poverty Chat - Mircosoft Imagine Cup 2010

Luke (me) and Jimmy create a game to help the awareness about poverty. The key technology of the game are AI chat bots.

Game Overview
Poverty Chat is a unique web based game that uses natural language to explore a virtual world. The player will have an opportunity to meet an array of different characters. The player will have to solve the mysteries by chatting with other characters in the game. These characters don’t have the average computer response you are used to; they each have their own personality and will response to you differently using an AI Bot technology.  The idea is to get the user involved in conversations.  Some of the characters may refer to others to find the right answer.  When  the answer is found their notepad takes note for them for later levels.

The theme of the game is Poverty. The player will learn what, why, and solutions to poverty throughout the game and will be needed to win the game.

In Poverty Chat you are a reporter in which you must discover what is the reasons for poverty in this village (and in other places). Information is learned through chatting with the AI characters.

This is our entry for the Microsoft Imagine Cup in 2010 in the Game category. Team consisted of me and one of my brothers Jimmy. Our target was the end poverty section of the United Nations Millennium Goals. The goal of the game is to inform the players of the game of reasons for poverty in a creative way.

We did extensive work with AI bots, and built them in a way that you can learn what you need to do next, with out just giving you the answer. It would listen to what you say before he would know what he was going to say.

We did the bots using Pandora Bots.

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