Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MyMouseGames - Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009

MyMouseGames is a collection of educational games which is played by multiple people using multiple mice on the same computer at the same time.

MyMouseGames placed First place in the Imagine Cup US Nation final. The imagine Cup is a worldwide software design competition sponsored by Microsoft. Our team - Jimmy, Mark, and Luke Dickinson (brothers) advanced from first round to semi-finals to national finals in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our prizes was $8,000 to split among us and to continue on to the Imagine Cup World Finals in Cairo, Egypt.

Our Entry
The theme of the Imagine Cup's in 2009 was the 10 world goals of the UN, mostly helping developing countries. Anyway we chose to focus on education and to build it in Silverlight and ASP.NET. Basically our entry is a bunch of mini educational games that allow you multiple mice on one computer to play. The idea is one computer can work for many students. Also the teachers can change the lesson data that is being used in each game. On top of that, functioned completely though a simple web site. The purpose was to help every student have access to a computers in ill funded schools.


This video shows some of the first games we made for MyMouseGames. Mine were the ones with the sound.

A big part of my responsibilities in this project was the building of a few games that could use the data teachers were using. I worked with a system called Popfly and JavaScript. In efforts that this could be an easy way for others to build simple games for this system.  I also did field testing of our project. Tested it with a boy scout troop, my Spanish class in high school, and a daycare.

This video shows some of the case studies which I managed.
Press Coverage
News - Winning US Imagine Cup
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May 10th, 2009 (videos) (MIT)

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